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Live Edge Loving! Our latest project takes us to the live edge of some beautiful Oak Burr.

Recently we have been commissioned to create a bookshelf for a repeat customer of ours. Earlier in the year we had made them a coffee table from Oak Burr, which has it's leg join featured on our home page.

The brief for this project was showing us the space it needed to sit in, a rough height and something which matched the style of said coffee table. The rest was left up to us. With that a rough design was formed but the first priority was to get on the phone to Bespoke Oak, our local live edge supplier, and see what stock he had for us to work with. As it happened he had two gorgeous pieces of inch thick Oak Burr both from the same tree, one on top of the other. After we had purchased the boards we could finalise a plan for the bookshelf. Now we had the wood and a design, the machining process could start! We ripped the boards down to get our live edges and width which was similar at each end. We then cut our side supports out of the left over middle stock of each board. Ripping first gave us a much easier time when it came to jointing and planing the boards. Once we had everything machined we could move onto the joinery. We marked and cut our mortises in the side pieces the made the tenoned shelves to match. All shelves were scribed into the side boards and all the tenons had Yew wedges cut and chiselled into them. Then we sanded and oiled the piece and left to dry over a weekend.

We use this through tenon wedge method because with a contrasting wood like Yew for the wedges it really makes the piece pop. As well as the fact there is no glue or screws used in any of this piece, so it is able to be fully dismantled, which is a good idea if you ever have to move a solid oak piece of furniture!

The end result was presented to the client and they were delighted with the result and so were we. But what do you think?!

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